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Musical "Ornaments"

By Mark T. Burke “Your home is a reflection of your soul.” How about your home?  Does your home reflect your love for music?  This morning, I was looking around our house and decided to count the musical instruments we have displayed throughout.  I guess you could say we use some for “ornamental” purposes.  A […]

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Integration of Music into the Curriculum: Where are the Music Teachers?

By Mark T. Burke I attended the PETE&C in Hershey PA. yesterday. The conference attracts 1000’s of educators, technology leaders, and curriculum administrators interested in helping their students through innovative educational tools and teaching strategies.  What struck me most was the absence, or at least the apparent absence of music leaders at this conference.  I […]

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eLearning Will Save The Band

By Mark T. Burke  As more and more students make a shift to eLearning, rethinking the way students learn to play instruments is a must.  In-school lessons provide the individual or small group instruction students need to build performance and musical skills.  Those skills enable students to participate in bands, orchestras, small ensembles, and jazz […]

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Snow Days Defined: A Musician’s View

By Mark T. Burke Snow Day (def.):  An event created by the falling of snow in an amount considered sufficient to warrant the temporary closure of an institution, typically a school.  (2) The mental state caused by the actual temporary closure of an institution due to falling snow, creating euphoria as defined below.  (3) SYN(s)  […]

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R.I.P. my Reedy Friend: The Law Is On Our Side.

By Mark T. Burke Just a few weeks ago I experienced a sad, sad day.  A trusted friend’s greatest moments came to an end in the blink of an eye.  I’m still not sure what happened.  We were making beautiful music together and all seemed well.  Our tone was great, articulation, spot on.  We came […]

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