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Misuse of "Band"

By Mark T. Burke Good morning Mrs. Gibson, I would like to introduce you to Ms. Rinard, our “Band Director” here at Sonestown Elementary.” REWIND….our “Band Director” ??? Ok, so maybe Ms. Rinard should be flattered.  Historically, being a Band Director brought with it a certain level of prestige.  Fast forward to 2010 and I’m […]

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I Just Needed A Credit…So I Took Music!

By Mark T. Burke Ouch — that hurts.  I’ve heard this statement frequently unfortunately.  During my tenure as a public school teacher, I would hear high school students bragging about their “easy” schedules filled with blow off classes that included some music class.  The conversations I overheard took place between peers and almost always included […]

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Standards for Online Teaching: Do they really tell us what a great teacher is?

By Mark T. Burke I want everyone to try a little experiment.  Grab a coloring book.  Yes, a coloring book. Borrow one of your kid’s or go out and buy one.  Remember to get crayons or markers too.  Now grab some type of timing device, a stop watch, clock, etc.  Pick one of the pages […]

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Music Ed Needs eLearning…NOW! — Part 3

By Mark T. Burke Over the last few posts, I’ve covered several educational trends that demonstrate our immediate need for eLearning in music education.  These trends are not “on the horizon”, they are here, now! Post 1 covered:Trend #1 — K-12 Online Course and Program Enrollments Rising.Trend #2 — Year-Round School Post 2 covered:Trend #3 […]

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Music Ed Needs eLearning…NOW! – Part 2

By Mark T. Burke If you haven’t read Part 1, point your mouse here to review the first in this series of articles on the impact and opportunities created by several current educational trends. Article 1 covered the following: Trend #1 — K-12 Online Course and Program Enrollments Rising.Trend #2 — Year-Round School In this […]

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Band, Bullies and….Bosses?

By Mark T. Burke As a rather backward kid growing up, Band was my refuge. I could count on the time I spent in Band being free from the torments and name calling of school bullies. Back then, I always thought the security came from all the Band members being “alike”, kindred spirits even.  I […]

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Music Ed Needs eLearning…NOW!

By Mark T. Burke It’s time to get us all talking about feasible, educationally sound, economically sensible approaches to ensuring the survival of music education during these times of change.  If you’ve been heads down, focused on concert prep and the school musical season, you may not be aware of several “initiatives” or trends that […]

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The Out-Of-Tune Rule the World…A Rant.

By Mark T. Burke I’ve noticed a phenomenon, if a player plays out of tune, they never experiencing the PAIN and AGONY of playing with someone who is…out of tune.  In fact, they seem a bit clueless.  I’ve tried wincing, putting the tuner on my stand 100 times per hour to check my own intonation, […]

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Musical Exploration Teaches More than Overly Structured Lessons

By Mark T. BurkeGive a student a computer with GarageBand or MixCraft running and just step back. That’s right, step back and witness the true power of “Exploratory Learning.”  Don’t be tempted to tell them about all the bells and whistles, just let them explore and learn.  Treat the application like the digital canvas that […]

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