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SKYPE: Part 1….A tool every music teacher needs in their toolbox.

By Mark T. Burke Everyone once in a while, a tool comes along that changes our lives.  For me, SKYPE is that tool.  For those that have been living in their instrument cases for the last few years, SKYPE is a small, but incredibly powerful PC based application used for communicating with others.  Since music […]

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More Frequent, Small Concerts…Better than Big Concerts?

By Mark T. Burke Would you rather hold a single concert for 100 attendees, or hold 10 concerts that reached 10 people each?  Forget about the economics of the different events for a minute.  Would a single, large concert or multiple, small concerts offer greater musical impact and social value? To dive into this topic […]

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Getting Up Close and Personal…with our online Instrument Courses that is.

By Mark T. Burke It’s easy to take a tour of our online Instrumental Music courses.  Simply follow the video trail below or pick the topics that interest you most. Part 1:  Course Introduction. Students learn the basics in the Prelude Section of their course. Part 2: The Units. Students interact with the content […]

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It’s What Happens Between Music Lessons that Counts!

By Mark T. Burke It’s 8am and the company you work for is holding it’s weekly manager meeting. What do you talk about? It’s time for your bi-annual dentist appointment. What determines how many cavities you have?  It’s Wednesday, your weekly weight management group is meeting.  What’s the key to maintaining or loosing weight?  In […]

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Summer Instrumental Workshops…Get Creative!

By Mark T. Burke “Hornapalooza”, “Saxophonia”, “Flutopia”, call me a marketer, but I believe in giving summer musical events a catchy name.  “Music Camp” or “Summer Lessons” just seems outdated and boring. Along with a great, fun name, organizers have the opportunity to create a memorable music event using a few key focus points for […]

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Tour Mission 1…Make First Contact

By Mark T. Burke (while on Tour with the Lycoming College Concert Band) Instrumental Shuttle Pilot’s log, star date 201005.04.  Day one of our mission was completed with positive results.  Our goal was to make first contact with several colonies in Lycoming County, PA who have showed early interest in musical endeavors.  The colonies consisted […]

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