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A "Tempo Marking" for the Adoption of Online Music Education

By Mark T. Burke All new ideas take time to flourish.  Regardless if a new idea is a product or service, time is required to develop the idea, get the word out and connect the idea with folks who can really benefit from it.  In education “Largo” seems a fitting tempo marking to describe the […]

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Committment to Online Music Education Standards

By Mark T. Burke Many groups have produced standards for online learning that have served us well (Like the SREB and iNACOL). Standards provide indicators of quality within key organizational education and business practices.  I believe standards are the key to ensuring students are successful and help assure families, schools and communities spend their educational […]

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Scalpel…Retractor…Folder…Save File….Faster Nurse, we’re loosing them.

By Mark T. Burke Imagine your Doctor attending a conference. Would you be utterly shocked, even a little frightened if you found out your Doctor had attended the “Scalpel Basics for Doctors” seminar? The scalpel is a standard tool of the trade in the medical world and we expect all Doctors to fully understand and […]

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Reed Prep 101: This is a good reed.

By Mark T. Burke A few weeks ago, a student asked me how she should be prepping her reeds before playing them.  This is a question I’ve gotten frequently over the years so I thought it high time to start building some content on the subject. This should get the ball rolling.  I sat in […]

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