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"Live and Learn" or "Leap and Learn"

By Mark T. Burke There’s a link to music, music education and the arts here — trust me.  Read on! I’ve learned many things over the passing of time and I am grateful for the people and circumstances that have taught me those lessons. The phrase “Live and Learn” denotes that the passing of time […]

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4 Tips to Holding Better Meetings, Musician Style

By Mark T. Burke I recently viewed this great TED video entitled “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work, by Jason Fried. Jason hits us hard with a clear message that we waste a lot of time holding meetings and … I agree! What can we do to harness the power of meetings?  They can be […]

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The Standards are Too Hard for Most Students…..but we keep insisting students learn them.

By Mark T. Burke The district I live in has consistently had fewer and fewer students coming out for District Band pre-auditions year over year. In the 1990’s, numbers approached 700-800 students auditioning for a band of 150. Now, fellow band directors tell me those numbers are more like 300-400 with some instruments not having […]

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What Peanut Butter and Online Music Courses Have in Common

By Mark T. Burke Take two pieces of bread and toss them across the room. Did they stay together? Most likely not. Now, grab some peanut butter and spread one slice. Put the two pieces together and toss them again.  Now….did they stay together?  Most likely they DID. Now, grab the sandwich and enjoy! Never […]

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Shake the Snow Globe…3 Ways to help kids PROGRESS during snow days

By Mark T. Burke Sitting in the heart of the latest Northeast Snow/Ice storm, all of the surrounding schools in my area are closed.  Musical activities can quickly become faded memories this time of year. After coming off a long holiday break, snow and ice closures start to impact programs beyond our control…..WAIT….but we CAN […]

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Knowing What’s to Come…is the Art.

By Mark T. Burke Over the last few months, the team at viaAcademies has been busy focusing on our 2011 priorities. Near the end of 2010, we quietly changed our tag line to match our focus which includes products and services for any and all art forms using various delivery methods.  Our name continues to […]

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