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Devaluing Education Closes the Book on Progress, LITERALLY!

By Mark T. Burke Near a small town in PA, in fact, the ONLY Town in PA, “progress” has once again demonstrated its cruelty.  A few days ago, the RR. Donnelley company announced the factory outside of Bloomsburg PA was closing.  300+ people will loose their jobs.  Does RR Donnelley sound familiar?  For those of […]

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vAPM Podcast #7: How Online Courses Help with Your Program Goals

By Mark T. Burke Today’s post is a podcast post.  In this podcast, I discuss my responses to the question, “Why should our school integrate online music courses?” This is just the beginning of the conversation.  What do you think?  How can online music courses help your program goals become reality? 

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RMM Philosophies for Teachers and Schools

By Mark T. Burke RMM, or Recreational Music Making is not a new concept for me although RMM is a new term for me.  I think it’s a great term, focusing many types of programs and the overall philosophies that the movement attempts to exemplify into a single, communicable phrase. I’m not shocked that I […]

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