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Mark Burke is CEO and founder of mynddset

Me is Me and Teach is Teach

By Mark T. Burke

If you hear my voice on a recording….is it me?  If you participate in a lesson I teach virtually, is it me?  If I teach live, do you get more…ME, than if I was teaching online? I’ve made an amazing discovery recently.  After years of teaching and working both live and online, I’ve discovered that ME is ME and TEACH is TEACH.  I actually think I’ve discovered the answer to everything that’s confusing about teaching and learning 🙂

I was making a Screenr video the other day and had my transformational moment.  When I make a video (Screenr captures the computer screen along with my voice), I am pretty much … ME. Nothing more, nothing less…just ME. The technology doesn’t transform me from a feeble minded person into someone brilliant.  Please don’t think I think I’m brilliant, but you get the point.

So why is this discovery transformational? If a brilliant teacher taught lessons using Youtube, would they still be brilliant?  I think most of us would say yes.  So, why are we judging the format rather than the teacher.  I hear people say…”YouTube lessons are ruining my chances of being a successful teacher” (this comes from a recent post on the NAfME LinkedIn group). Is YouTube itself the obstacle?

I’ve learned that if I am not brilliant, the cause is me.  I’ve learned that if I’m not doing a great job teaching, then I have only myself to blame.  Delivery tools are the conduit, the transport mechanism, not the differentiators we like to think they are.  They don’t mask poor teaching and certainly can’t turn less into more.

I will always be ME…in front of a class or in front of a camera….ME is ME. Good teachers strive to TEACH in whatever format they can.  When they are great, they are great and equally effective.  In other words, TEACH is TEACH.


Mark T. Burke is the founder of viaAcademies, one of the nation’s first fully online music academies.  viaAcademies provides beginning instrument and Exploring Music (GarageBand and Mixcraft based) courses through several PA based networks including VLINC, a cooperative program from BLaST IU17, Sus-Q-Cyber Charter School and Blendedschools.net.  Outside of PA, viaAcademies course are available through Cal-iQity

Learn more about viaAcademies courses at www.MakeMusicClick.com



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