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The Importance of Music: Department for Education, England Report

By Mark T. Burke The Importance of Music, A National Plan for Music Education (England, DfE) is now available. I hope that my fellow music educators in the US will take a bit of time and read the plan.  After a first read, I’ve documented many take-a-ways, key quotes, action items and a few […]

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The Perspective of "After Work" Musicians and Teachers

By Mark T. Burke Take a look at this graphic. Let’s consider “Perspective.”  What could this graphic mean for the Custom Builder on the right?  How is his life and career influenced by the Music Teacher on the left?  From his perspective, what is the value of his musical abilities?  From the perspective of the […]

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Super 6/8

By Mark T. Burke Every so often, we all experience true inspiration.  Yesterday, my wife and I settled in to watch Super 8, the movie by J.J. Abrahms and produced by Steven Spielberg.  I expected the movie to be good, but it was just so, so much more. As the story of a group of […]

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Teachings From the Turkey

By Mark T. Burke As a kid, I remember Thanksgiving as a time to be with family, laugh, eat, sleep and watch football.  I can’t really describe the way Thanksgiving made me feel back then.  Today, those same, almost indescribable feelings come back like clockwork this time of year.  I’ve often wondered how this is  […]

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Stretch Goals can Become Strains In Music

By Mark T. Burke We all understand the value of “S-T-R-E-T-C-H Goals.”  Stretch goals are goals that at the time we set them seem somewhat, but not totally, unreachable. If we reach a stretch goal, we’ve most likely reached a new level of performance, a level that may have significant consequences in our lives.  Positive […]

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Movement on the Field, 10 Bonus Points…First Song!

By Mark T. Burke Imagine, a towel is thrown, a whistle blows and a referee walks onto the field.  He clicks on his microphone and announces, “Movement on the field, 10 bonus points, first song.”  The crowd cheers and the band plays on.  The band of course is not in the audience, they are on […]

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High School Band Goes Back to Basics

By Mark T. Burke I just spent an hour with a high school band and WOW, they provided some great insight into music education by sharing their life as student musicians.  Background:  My task was to engage a band of about 60 members in a conversation around how to improve musical skills.  The presentation was […]

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X and Y Graph on Teaching, Thinking, Learing and Instructional Design

By Mark T. Burke Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending time with Drs. Derek Cabrera and Laura Colosi  Together, they’re on a mission to get kids thinking.  Having visited and worked with countless schools, their message is one with credibility and simplicity….Kids Can’t Think.  In fact, Derek teaches as Cornell University and reports […]

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