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Mark Burke is CEO and founder of mynddset

Making All Music World Music Project

By Mark T. Burke

Announcement:  viaEdTechnologies (parent company of viaAcademies), RantNetwork and BLaST IU 17 are teaming up on “Making All Music World Music”, a project to unite music classrooms globally with the aid of the Communilator Language Translation APP for iPad.  The project is designed to unite students in several schools in Central Pennsylvania USA, to students in other, non-English speaking countries  The goal is to build activities that expose students to world music in a way that influences their own creativity and composition.  It is our belief that creativity breeds creativity and that creativity must be nourished beyond our day to day lives.  Students in rural areas have few opportunities to experience music of other cultures, let alone learn about that music from non-English speaking peers.  Lastly, we believe local student compositional styles can grow greatly through joint efforts with students from other cultures.  In the past, these activities were hard, if not impossible to manage due to language barriers.  The Communilator app will help us eliminate that barrier.

Project Team:  The initial team members:

Mark Burke, viaEdTechnologies CEO, Project Manager
Elisa Grandizio, RantNetwork CAO
Jerry Chrisy, BLaST IU 17, Coordinator for Professional Development
Lydia Comerford, BLaST IU 17, VLINC Coordinator
Chris Johnson, BLaST IU 17, Promotion and Marketing
Lee Saville-Andree, Loyalsock Area School District, Middle and High School General and Vocal Music
Emily Brumbach, South Williamsport Area School District, 5th and 6th Grade General Music
Mark Boyer, East Lycoming School District, Middle and High School Instrumental Music, General Music
Rose Iksic, Linguist

Opportunities:  The project team is seeking members who teach music in non-English speaking countries.  However, teachers must be fluent in written and spoken English and have access to an iPad and the Communilator APP.  The project will involve students sharing stories about the music they listen to and of their culture, collaborating on compositions (using tools such as GarageBand or otherwise), and providing feedback on recorded examples of student work (thus, class must have some level of recording and listening capabilities).  Full details of the project are yet to be determined and will be developed by the project team. To request a position on the project team, interested teachers should email the Project Manager, Mark Burke.  Include the following information in English (unless otherwise noted).

  • Full Name and Work/Institutional Email Address (if not available, use personal email)
  • Native Language of Students (Communilator APP includes translation for over 54 languages.  However, we will need to confirm translation capabilities.)
  • The location of the school (Country and address)
  • A description of your teaching position and specific classes taught.
  • A statement on why you would like to participate in this project.
  • A confirmation that you have access to an iPad and listing of the technologies available to your music students.
  • A final summary statement.

Funding:  This project is sponsored by viaEdTechnologies, RantNetwork and BLaST IU 17.  Participating teachers are not compensated for time, supplies or any costs associated with this project. The option to seek additional funding for the project may be explored and will be determined by the sponsors and project team.

Work in Progress:  To highlight our efforts, the following “infographic” has been drafted.  As the project continues, additions will be made to reflect our efforts.  If you have ideas to share or wish to help in any way, please contact me.  Together, we can create an amazing project.

Mark T. Burke
Project Manager,
Making All Music World Music Project


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