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Swimming in the EdTech Shareflow Stream, End Games Needed

By Mark T. Burke Staying connected means each day I receive tons of suggestions on new #edtech. Each morning before I really wake up, I spend about an hour swimming through the blue waters of the “shareflow.”  Today was different though. While floating along, I hit something.  I was knocked off course and sent to […]

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Flipping the Switch for Music Technology: Flipped Classroom Model

By Mark T. Burke I’ll confess, I am a bit of a Techy…yeah, yeah…hard to believe, I know 🙂  In 1993, I started my quest to bring music to students through innovation.  At that time, tools like FreeStyle and Mosaic (MOTU software), systems like “email”(remember the early days of email in schools), and instruments that […]

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Flipped Out Over Flipped Classrooms

By Mark T. Burke Flipped Classrooms, have you heard of them?  Flipped Classroom techniques have the power to create amazing results for your students.  The idea is quite simple, take what you used to do during class and make that homework and take the activities you used to give as homework and work on them […]

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Hybrid Classrooms: TedX Style

By Mark T. Burke Yesterday was one of the highlights of my professional career.  I was invited to speak at TedX Williamsport. Now, Williamsport and the surrounding area isn’t HUGE.  So, the event didn’t draw thousands or even hundreds.  I’ve spoken to much larger crowds, but this event was special.  The event was exciting for […]

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Did Steve Jobs Influence Your Musical Career?

By Mark T. Burke It was 1993, I was out of college for 2 years, paying my dues as a substitute teacher, private musician, assistant this and that, and had just interviewed for a full time gig.  My soon to be wife and I had thrown caution to the wind and moved into a rental […]

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Me is Me and Teach is Teach

By Mark T. Burke If you hear my voice on a recording….is it me?  If you participate in a lesson I teach virtually, is it me?  If I teach live, do you get more…ME, than if I was teaching online? I’ve made an amazing discovery recently.  After years of teaching and working both live and […]

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"Live and Learn" or "Leap and Learn"

By Mark T. Burke There’s a link to music, music education and the arts here — trust me.  Read on! I’ve learned many things over the passing of time and I am grateful for the people and circumstances that have taught me those lessons. The phrase “Live and Learn” denotes that the passing of time […]

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viaAcademies Receives Grant, Works with Local School and University Music Programs

For Immediate Release: Bloomsburg PA. viaAcademies has been awarded a Research and Development Grant by the Greater Susquehanna Keystone Innovation Zone (GSKIZ).  “The grant was exactly what we needed to finalize our plans to unite viaAcademies with a local public school and a University music department for the purpose of learning how online music education […]

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Scalpel…Retractor…Folder…Save File….Faster Nurse, we’re loosing them.

By Mark T. Burke Imagine your Doctor attending a conference. Would you be utterly shocked, even a little frightened if you found out your Doctor had attended the “Scalpel Basics for Doctors” seminar? The scalpel is a standard tool of the trade in the medical world and we expect all Doctors to fully understand and […]

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