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Idealists, Creatures of Habit and Connectors

By Mark T. Burke Come on…you know a fellow music teacher in each of these categories..right? The Idealist..a music teacher who teaches what should be taught because music is an art, we must know the classics, we must pay tribute to those who built the foundation our art stands upon and all kids must understand […]

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Musical Inspiration

Embracing the Inspiration of Concerts

By Mark T. Burke When was the last time you came away from a concert feeling a bit…,tingly? You know the feeling.  Your senses are all peaked, your creative juices flowing at full spigot, your vision clear, solutions to age-old problems seem to be flying into your mind at break neck speeds and…Well, you get […]

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FLEX Model of Education: Is it a Superhero?

By Mark T. Burke What kid doesn’t want to FLEX their muscles and be a superhero, capable of saving the world from forces unimaginable?  Creativity, individuality, problem solving and leadership…all characteristics of great superheros. Well, we all know superheros don’t exist (well, I think they do, but for the sake of this article, let’s pretend […]

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Online Music Education’s Elephant in the Room

By Mark T. Burke Few can ignore the emotion brought on my watching a herd of elephants interact.  They are extremely social creatures. They love to play, touch and explore. Their social behavior plays a significant role in their longevity, as individuals and as a species.  Learning music has also benefited from social interaction.  Do […]

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Flipping the Switch for Music Technology: Flipped Classroom Model

By Mark T. Burke I’ll confess, I am a bit of a Techy…yeah, yeah…hard to believe, I know 🙂  In 1993, I started my quest to bring music to students through innovation.  At that time, tools like FreeStyle and Mosaic (MOTU software), systems like “email”(remember the early days of email in schools), and instruments that […]

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Strategies for Flipped Music Classrooms

By Mark T. Burke I know it has only been a day since I started talking about Flipped Classrooms, but have you given some thought to how you can Flip your Classroom?  Yes…great, share a comment or two below.  If not….then maybe after reading this post you’ll have an idea or two. If you missed […]

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Flipped Out Over Flipped Classrooms

By Mark T. Burke Flipped Classrooms, have you heard of them?  Flipped Classroom techniques have the power to create amazing results for your students.  The idea is quite simple, take what you used to do during class and make that homework and take the activities you used to give as homework and work on them […]

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KNEX the Musical Parts and Wholes

By Mark T. Burke From KNEX.com Since I was a kid, creating and building things has been a fun activity.  I love seeing objects and ideas take shape from a pile of parts.  The parts I often treat with disregard to be honest.  I shove them around, flicking some aside, digging to find just the […]

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High School Band Goes Back to Basics

By Mark T. Burke I just spent an hour with a high school band and WOW, they provided some great insight into music education by sharing their life as student musicians.  Background:  My task was to engage a band of about 60 members in a conversation around how to improve musical skills.  The presentation was […]

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Hybrid Classrooms: TedX Style

By Mark T. Burke Yesterday was one of the highlights of my professional career.  I was invited to speak at TedX Williamsport. Now, Williamsport and the surrounding area isn’t HUGE.  So, the event didn’t draw thousands or even hundreds.  I’ve spoken to much larger crowds, but this event was special.  The event was exciting for […]

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