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Performing is NOT the Ultimate Test: Projects and Chronicling in Education

By Mark T. Burke We all want our students to perform well.  No matter what we’re training them to do, the way they ultimately perform demonstrates proficiency.  But, there is a dark side to performing.  If we allow ourselves, we can become (and have been) convinced that performing is the reason we educate.  In other […]

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Pick and Pack Music Education

By Mark T. Burke Let’s go shopping. Visit any webstore you want.  Take a look through the available items, choose a few and place your order.  Now, enter your payment and shipping information….and SUBMIT.  Within a few days, the order arrives at your door and … FANTASTIC… your widgets and wonders are yours to enjoy. […]

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KNEX the Musical Parts and Wholes

By Mark T. Burke From KNEX.com Since I was a kid, creating and building things has been a fun activity.  I love seeing objects and ideas take shape from a pile of parts.  The parts I often treat with disregard to be honest.  I shove them around, flicking some aside, digging to find just the […]

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Super 6/8

By Mark T. Burke Every so often, we all experience true inspiration.  Yesterday, my wife and I settled in to watch Super 8, the movie by J.J. Abrahms and produced by Steven Spielberg.  I expected the movie to be good, but it was just so, so much more. As the story of a group of […]

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RMM Philosophies for Teachers and Schools

By Mark T. Burke RMM, or Recreational Music Making is not a new concept for me although RMM is a new term for me.  I think it’s a great term, focusing many types of programs and the overall philosophies that the movement attempts to exemplify into a single, communicable phrase. I’m not shocked that I […]

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MMA and Music

By Mark T. Burke A few days ago, while watching our local news (WNEP), I saw a segment on MMA in our area.  Not familiar with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?  There are two sides to MMA, the bouts we see on TV and the training side (for individuals and families).  Certainly, we all know the […]

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