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The Gallup Poll: ALMOST Half Say Better Teaching is Better…ALMOST half!

By Mark T. Burke Almost half?  ALMOST half of the respondents said they thought a better teacher, who taught online trumped a less effective teacher teaching face to face.  ALMOST HALF of us said better teaching was better?  WHAT?  Better teaching IS better..period…right?   After reviewing a great student Prezi presentation, made available on Twitter by […]

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Pick and Pack Music Education

By Mark T. Burke Let’s go shopping. Visit any webstore you want.  Take a look through the available items, choose a few and place your order.  Now, enter your payment and shipping information….and SUBMIT.  Within a few days, the order arrives at your door and … FANTASTIC… your widgets and wonders are yours to enjoy. […]

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Stretch Goals can Become Strains In Music

By Mark T. Burke We all understand the value of “S-T-R-E-T-C-H Goals.”  Stretch goals are goals that at the time we set them seem somewhat, but not totally, unreachable. If we reach a stretch goal, we’ve most likely reached a new level of performance, a level that may have significant consequences in our lives.  Positive […]

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Me is Me and Teach is Teach

By Mark T. Burke If you hear my voice on a recording….is it me?  If you participate in a lesson I teach virtually, is it me?  If I teach live, do you get more…ME, than if I was teaching online? I’ve made an amazing discovery recently.  After years of teaching and working both live and […]

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Devaluing Education Closes the Book on Progress, LITERALLY!

By Mark T. Burke Near a small town in PA, in fact, the ONLY Town in PA, “progress” has once again demonstrated its cruelty.  A few days ago, the RR. Donnelley company announced the factory outside of Bloomsburg PA was closing.  300+ people will loose their jobs.  Does RR Donnelley sound familiar?  For those of […]

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"Live and Learn" or "Leap and Learn"

By Mark T. Burke There’s a link to music, music education and the arts here — trust me.  Read on! I’ve learned many things over the passing of time and I am grateful for the people and circumstances that have taught me those lessons. The phrase “Live and Learn” denotes that the passing of time […]

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The Out-Of-Tune Rule the World…A Rant.

By Mark T. Burke I’ve noticed a phenomenon, if a player plays out of tune, they never experiencing the PAIN and AGONY of playing with someone who is…out of tune.  In fact, they seem a bit clueless.  I’ve tried wincing, putting the tuner on my stand 100 times per hour to check my own intonation, […]

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